Why pay for a PDM when this one is free?

Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform is everything you need to effectively organize, track, view, and collaborate on your enterprise files and CAD data.  The Enterprise Collaboration Platform is distributed with any Actify Enterprise Solution.

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Manufacturing is complex, we make collaboration simple

Actify connects systems, information, and people enabling distributed teams to manage complex product processes. Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform lets you manage everything together in one place, improving your workflow, increasing your productivity, and work satisfaction. Learn More

CAD collaboration platform

Unlock your product data and release your engineers

90% of your product data is likely to be hidden in data silos and proprietary CAD systems.  Our platform makes product data available to the entire enterprise.

Eliminate inefficiencies and delays within the development process.  When engineers manually disseminate data to non-engineers they becoming an unintentional bottleneck to valuable product information. Learn More

Connect your existing business systems

Many of today’s manufacturing companies store their data in line-of-business systems like PLM, ERP and Excel spreadsheets, but not everyone has access to these systems, and the user interface may be cumbersome for the casual user.

Actify solves this challenge by enabling cross-department collaboration and quick access to extended product data that can help make critical business decisions faster. Learn More

Enterprise Collaboration platform for effective file management

Leverage CAD data


Manufacturers need Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform to manage complex product processes and navigate the digitally connected enterprise.  The new business paradigm requires an architecture that is resilient and can withstand rapid change yet span traditional organizational and system boundaries to support multiple roles and processes.

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