Actify Centro 2018

Actify Centro is a vendor-neutral data platform that empowers the entire enterprise, its members and stakeholders and connects its locations to generate greater results without the typically high costs of PDM, PLM, and business analytics platforms.  Actify significantly speeds up data access and provides rich insight to data while overcoming the challenge of sharing engineering and product data. Dramatically increase the effectiveness of communication and collaboration within the extended enterprise while linking together the disparate product data (siloed files and content).


3D/2D CAD Visualization, neutral data platform, multi-CAD support, Document Management, check-in / check-out, Enterprise Search, Duplicate Analysis, BOM Management, Project and Program Dashboards.


2018 Centro Updates:

Centro project management

Manage Projects:
Find the projects they need to work more efficiently.  Use custom project properties to further filter and refine results on the Catalog projects page.
Learn more about Custom Project Filtering

 Centro CAD-Conversions

Generate CAD Conversions:

Simply convert CAD files from the ‘Catalog Part View’ page. Conversions are then saved as a resource to be accessed by your organization. Supported formats: PDF, PRC, JT, ACIS (SAB, SAT), IGES, Parasolid, STEP, STL, U3D, VRML.
Learn how to Generate CAD2CAD

 Centro-Catalog UI update

Catalog Navigation and UI Changes:

The top navigation bar has changed to consolidate the layout and make the appearance and end-user navigation more convenient.  Changes to the resource panel were made to better serve information that is more meaningful to the end user as well as conserve space.

Learn more about Centro’s UI update.


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