Are you a small or mid-size business that needs to work with CAD files?

The right software can reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Are you a small or mid-size business that needs to work with CAD files? 

As a small or mid-size business, you need to make your dollars stretch. But when it comes to investing in a CAD solution, it can feel like spending a lot of money is inevitable. There is the cost of buying the software licenses, installing the software on the company’s IT systems, training your workers, and maintaining and updating the software. The total cost of ownership (TCO) can easily double the already hefty price tag that comes with a full CAD solution. It is important to know that you do have options. As long as you understand your company’s needs and understand what engineers or information workers require to do with the CAD Data, there are more cost effective solutions available to you without sacrificing productivity or the data’s integrity.


CAD access without the Unnecessary Cost

For companies that need to author CAD data, or edit CAD models a full CAD solution is unavoidable. But if your company has to receive and review CAD files, be it from suppliers or customers, yet you have no requirement to author or edit the CAD model, there is no need to purchase an expensive CAD license. A CAD Viewer is a low-cost alternative to working with 3D and 2D CAD files. Sharing CAD data across your enterprise or supply chain does not need to involve transferring large files, giving away valuable intellectual property or even coordinating access to complicated, expensive CAD software.  Actify’s SpinFire Ultimate and SpinFire Reader combination are designed to enable easy and secure access, communication and distribution of .ACT3D files throughout the enterprise and supply chain, without requiring a major CAD system.

Our core product, SpinFire Ultimate, provides advanced CAD visualization, measurement and analysis tools allowing you to view, measure and mark-up 2D / 3D CAD and other related product data, and share access to this data in a user-friendly and system neutral .ACT3D format. For less than half of what a typical CAD license cost, your company can have the ability to work with and collaborate on CAD files with SpinFire Ultimate.


Do you already have CAD software but need more?

If your company has already invested in a CAD application, a CAD Viewer like SpinFire Ultimate can increase your company’s productivity by providing a greater CAD viewing footprint. Imagine extending the valuable data within CAD files to employees and information workers outside of your engineering or design departments, no longer having to cut into precious engineering time and productivity. With SpinFire Ultimate, your CAD users can save the CAD files in SpinFire’s compact, neutral .ACT3D format which other users can then view, mark-up, and/or perform investigative functions. SpinFire Ultimate is robust offering all the viewing and investigation features you would expect from the industries leading CAD viewer, catering to the vast technical needs of engineers and designers, combined with its ease of use to allow non-technical users like your Sales or Procurement teams to easily use the solution with little to no prior training.

To further extend the access SpinFire Ultimate gives to your CAD data, Actify also offers SpinFire Reader for free. Not only can you provide the ability to share the CAD data throughout your enterprise, but you can also easily and confidently share this data with the rest of your supply chain with the help of SpinFire Reader. This tool allows you to share .ACT3D files created with SpinFire Ultimate in a secure, view-only format.  Members of your enterprise or supply chain can download the free SpinFire Reader application to view data published with SpinFire Ultimate.  SpinFire Reader users can perform limited dimensioning, measurement and cross sectioning functions, allowing for quicker feedback and better collaboration.

Collaborate on CAD for FREE

SpinFire Reader is a FREE CAD Viewer that can increase your company’s productivity by providing a greater CAD viewing footprint. when using Actify’s .ACT3D format.
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Do you need to work with Multiple CAD formats?

Another part of improving collaboration and productivity is the ability to work with multiple CAD formats. While your company may have already chosen a CAD software that works for your needs, you may likely come across suppliers and/or customers that are using a different CAD solution. In fact you may have multiple suppliers or customers that each have their chosen CAD platform that is different from yours. Does this mean you need to invest in purchasing licenses for all of the different formats your company encounters? This would mean taking the TCO of an already expensive CAD software and multiplying it by how ever many formats you need to be able to support. With SpinFire Ultimate, you and your CFO can rest at ease. SpinFire Ultimate supports all major CAD formats allowing your company to easily collaborate on multiple CAD formats without the overhead of an expensive CAD system. With SpinFire, you can also rest assured that our solution keeps the formats we support up to date with the latest releases, ensuring that your company won’t have any compatibility issues which can hinder or halt collaboration.


Productivity Gains Result in Revenue Gains

Being a small or mid-sized business, your company can’t afford to invest in the wrong solutions, nor can it waste money on software that won’t be easily adoptable across the enterprise. While certain departments have specific tools required for their jobs, a small investment in a cross-functional solution like SpinFire Ultimate and SpinFire Reader can increase your company’s productivity while also contributing to your bottom line. SpinFire’s ease of use guarantees that your information workers, from your CAD engineer to your Marketing Manager can find value in our solution and its sophisticated technology ensures that you will be able to work with all the latest versions of major CAD formats. This provides your company with the confidence to be able to collaborate with your suppliers’ and customers’ CAD data without sacrificing the integrity of the files, thus contributing to your workers’ increased productivity and ultimately resulting in revenue gains.


Cost Effective CAD Viewing

With the right CAD viewing solution like Actify’s SpinFire Ultimate, easily access and collaborate on multiple CAD formats.
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