SpinFire Web

Online CAD Viewer

SpinFire Web allows users to investigate 3D CAD parts and metadata without an expensive CAD license.  SpinFire Web securely accesses 3D data via a web-browser and keeps the CAD file local to your server, enabling collaboration yet maintaining control of the CAD file.  Enable internal or external personnel to access CAD data via a browser without downloading the CAD or running software locally.

BOM Manager

BOM Manager

Centro automatically generate Bill of Materials from CAD assemblies to visually compare within BOM Manager.  BOM manager provides side-by-side comparisons and ensures concurrency between eBOM/mBOM, CAD versions to avoid producing from the wrong BOM or file version.  Visually compare Bills of Material structures side-by-side and be alerted to any differences or concurrency issues.

Centro Control

Secure Check-in and Check-out for all file types

Gain greater control of your product information by defining user access rights and permissions.  Check in/ check out protects your data and prevents confusion or information loss when teams collaborate. Check-in and check-out applies to all resources and any file type, not just CAD.  Full revision history is available for file recovery and to prevent data loss through users overwriting.

Centro Catalog

Search and find CAD parts and Engineering metadata

Rapidly locate product data, save time and eliminate duplicate part creation with Centro Search.  Centro’s Search technology provides a rich user experience eliminating the need to navigate an often chaotic folder structure.  Create a condition based search criteria using attributes and find your file based on associated metadata that defines what the file is, rather than guessing where it is.

Pipeline Manager

Automatic File Synchronization

Keep Product Data in Sync and ensure everyone is working to the latest file version.  Centro Pipeline Manager automates file publishing and manages the import of data through information pipelines.  Sync your files to Centro and overcome the challenge of sharing engineering type data; provide information workers with visibility and access to valuable product data.

Actify Centro

Actify’s enterprise solutions are designed solely for discrete manufacturers, to complement other enterprise applications, enable self-service reporting, plus focused on the key functionality needed for managing product data across the enterprise.  Contact us to arrange a product demonstration

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