SpinFire Ultimate will fundamentally change the face of CAD viewing among global manufacturers. Equipped with the robustness and reliability that customers have come to expect of SpinFire Professional, SpinFire Ultimate is built from the ground up to make use of the very latest technologies, completely 64-bit compliant and fully multithreaded.

SpinFire Ultimate is way beyond just the next version number: it will deliver more than just viewing, with access not just to CAD files but to the metadata associated with the CAD files. It offers high performance with large files and shattered assemblies, with enhanced capabilities that include partial loading, smart dimensioning, and easy access to metadata. SpinFire Ultimate users can also look forward to being able to do 3D and 2D nesting, perform a simple unfold, thickness colour washing, and much more. Moreover, not only does SpinFire Ultimate have enhanced features, but the product interface has advanced for optimum use and better access to more functionality.

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