A single, trusted source for product information.

Why Centro

Here, there, and everywhere

Actify Centro gives your team a single version of the truth that’s always up-to-date and easily accessible without accessing multiple line-of-business systems. Designed for use across departments, locations, and the entire supply chain, Centro is an effective collaboration tool for everyone on the team.


Integrate your data and unite your team


The digital hub

Centro is the digital hub that integrates your data and unites your team to better serve your customers and make confident decisions that drive profitability

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Actify Centro is a single, comprehensive source of up-to-date part and engineering information, which reduces errors, risks, and inefficiencies. Find answers intuitively with visual search tied directly to your CAD models.

No waiting

Connecting people and processes to data the first time, every time is one of the best ways to drive productivity. With Actify Centro, there is no need to ask others for data or spend hours searching for information. Streamline your process, meet customer deadlines, and have more time for internal review and diligence.

It’s in the Vault

Your product and program history is one of your most valuable assets. Your past experience informs every decision you make today. Actify Centro preserves information for reuse, audit and compliance. Centro keeps everything you need safe, and easily and instantly accessible.


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