Gaining insight to your product data means being able to see the design, have the ability to analyze and communicate based on that data internally and externally. Actify’s SpinFire™ technology makes it possible to repurpose data across various organizations both internally and externally in a variety of ways.

SpinFire™ products use native 3D and 2D CAD files representing product design data. SpinFire™ is able to condense this data into a very compact, lightweight form that can be used for viewing, measuring, markup and other investigative functions.

SpinFire™ accommodates the needs of your organization regardless of its size — from one to five people, or hundreds of seats. It’s a great solution for your company’s Product Visualization needs.


    Easily access, interact with, and communicate part data plus related files and documentation. All major 3D and 2D CAD data formats allowed.


    Use a single software solution that enables you to view, measure, mark-up and share 2D and 3D CAD data formats within one easy-to access file.


    Easily analyze 3D data generating desired results, such as volume, mass, total surface area, draft angle, bounding box, tube length, and more.


    Combine assemblies from different CAD applications with ease using Actify’s SpinFire solution.


    Easily obtain part properties that have been designed into the 3D Model and export it to an external file.


    Streamline the communication of CAD files and related documents, enabling anyone to share designs and feedback.


    Actify’s 3D CAD2CAD Translator enables multi-CAD data exchange support for manufacturers.


    Actify’s CAD Importers allow you to access native CAD files without the use of a CAD system.


In a manufacturing organization, there are often users that do not author product data, but rather need only to view, measure, mark-up or investigate the results from their original designer. For these users, the only options available are:
1. Buy, train and support more employees using higher-priced authoring
2. Let workers interrupt other staff resources to get needed information
3. Do NOTHING — resulting in forced “best-guess” decision

There is an answer to these problems. Actify’s Product Visualization
solution SpinFire Ultimate solves the problems for users that find
native CAD applications too complex to use and solves management’s
problem of having to pay for their access.


SpinFire gives you the ability to measure and mark-up 3D CAD models and 2D drawings without the CAD system being installed. This allows periodic users access to complex 3D product data giving them the opportunity to take measurements without the need to disturb a CAD Engineer. This is of great benefit particularly to people in purchasing, quotation, sales, marketing, and quality assurance, and of course users on the shop floor who use CAD data, but don’t necessarily need CAD software.

Easily work with the product data you need, without in-depth knowledge of expensive, confusing CAD software

Without the use of SpinFire Ultimate, the only way to effectively investigate 3D models is to invest in an expensive CAD application, and if you receive CAD files from multiple systems, the cost start to easily pile on. SpinFire opens all major CAD formats without the need for the CAD system to be present. Once opened, you can investigate the model via a host of SpinFire’s professional functionality, as well as being able to extract product data information embedded in the 3D CAD file.

Shorten design cycles and reduce production costs

Product data often contains assemblies and individual parts generated from multiple CAD applications. SpinFire Ultimate allows you to bring together any assembly created in multiple CAD applications to digitally mock-up a complete design. Once loaded, you can investigate the assembly, take measurements, add mark-ups, compare parts, and much more which leads to reducing costs and helping to shorten your design cycle.

Access 3D Model Properties and Attributes without the Native CAD Application

Design engineers have the ability to define part properties and attributes, such as material directly within the CAD model. Over the years, the CAD model has become a repository not only for 3D and 2D geometric information but a host of Meta data such as user saved volume, density, mass or surface area, for example.

Normally, the only way to view and access this product specific information is via the native CAD application. Not anymore. Actify’s Extended CAD importers can recognize when part properties have been designed into the 3D model. Once the attribute information is recognized, Actify extracts the associated information and exports it to an external txt or XML file.

Distribute and collaborate on design data easily and accurately

A fundamental problem many manufacturers face is the difficulty in sharing information from complex CAD applications or other enterprise applications (information silos) housing product data. Whether you need to collaborate on the design of a 3D model with a colleague, confirm a dimension, or GD&T callout, notes and markups to a supplier, SpinFire Ultimate gives you the flexibility to distribute product design data easily and accurately. Anyone throughout the enterprise and supply chain — regardless of their access to a CAD application or their level of CAD software knowledge – can share product designs to collaborate and communicate feedback.

Save money and time by being able to perform native CAD to CAD translation

SpinFire’s 3D CAD2CAD Translator™ enables multi-CAD data exchange support for manufacturers. Manufacturers reviewing their data exchange activities have found over half of their design and engineering employees involved in the model conversion process either for their own needs or to meet the requirements of workers in QA, manufacturing, or other departments.

Many manufacturers have a daily need to support the varying model format needs of customers and suppliers — or the enterprise application needs that exist downstream of mechanical design, such as Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE / CFD / FEA) and Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) software. Actify’s CAD2CAD Translator resolves this enterprise-wide model interoperability and eliminates the inefficiencies by alternative processes. Click here for more information.

Web Viewer—Zero Download

Has your team needed the ability to communicate model and drawing information to individuals without the end-user downloading any software? Have you thought about hosting your 3D data in a Cloud environment? SpinFire Web securely accesses 3D data via a web-browser and keeps the CAD file local to your server or in the cloud, enabling collaboration yet maintaining control of the file. Available as an add-on offering to Centro Catalog, Actify’s SpinFire Web viewer is a light-weight version of SpinFire’s powerful desktop applications that your business can host, so internal or external personnel can access CAD data and perform view, measure and markup without running software locally.