Stop manufacturing like it’s 2009

Keeping up with the automotive industry is more challenging than ever before. Technology, business processes, customer requirements, and regulations are all changing at an unprecedented pace, making old methods for being successful obsolete.

When businesses strive for the way things used to be, rather than adapting to the way things are, they fail.  The vast majority of discrete manufacturers have business systems in place that are over 10 years old. These solutions were not designed to support today’s requirements.


We’ve all been there and experienced the same problem…

Working as part of a team introduces the problem of information silos and information overload. We have a variety of content stored in many places, using unconnected business systems and applications.

But that’s just the way we’ve always done it, right?

No more. Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform lets you manage everything together in one place, improving your workflow and increasing your productivity, whether you’re at work, home, or on the road. We believe work should be about results – not cumbersome processes!


CAD collaboration platform

Enterprise Collaboration

Increasing product complexity and varying customer requirements present a growing challenge for manufacturers.  As a result, a greater emphasis is placed on effective communication, data sharing, and collaboration, not just within engineering departments but across the entire value chain.  This is where Actify’s solutions can best support your business. Learn More


“Manufacturers need Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform to manage complex product processes and navigate the digitally connected enterprise.  The new business paradigm requires an architecture that is resilient and can withstand rapid change yet span traditional organizational and system boundaries to support multiple roles and processes.”

Chris Jones, CEO and President – Actify, Inc.


Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform lets you manage everything together in one place, improving your workflow and increasing your productivity, whether you’re at work, home, or on the road. A place for all engineering data and associated resources for effective enterprise collaboration and product definition management. Watch the webinar below to learn how Actify’s collaboration platform can help unlock greater business potential.


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Ask yourself what functionality is really needed to be successful? An investment into productivity tools which aren’t effectively implemented or used to maximize business impact will erode profit margins.  We know that budget allocation is a scrutinized activity. Many SMB manufacturers stretch their resources before they consider investing in expensive enterprise technology.  Therefore, if you’re considering investing in a PLM solution, most likely your team is busier than ever, and you can’t find the time to improve.

Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform is everything you need to effectively organize, track, view, and collaborate on your enterprise files and CAD data.  The Enterprise Collaboration Platform is distributed with any Actify Enterprise Solution.

Actify believes that manufacturing companies have enormous, and often untapped potential which is unused and hidden within various business systems. Just imagine if you could release the business value and insight that is trapped in these applications and other key data sources like spreadsheets.  Well, with Actify you can.


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