Streamlining Product Data into Plex

Streamlining Product Data into Plex.
Manufacturing Management.

Learn how you can benefit from implementing a complete ‘Art to Part’ fully integrated system. Automatically move engineering data seamlessly to and from Plex including bill of material structure, associated engineering metadata, 3D viewing capabilities, Excel spreadsheets and more. Save time, reduce error margins and get near real-time product data for greater insight into the business and visibility to potential problems downstream, using Actify’s new state-of-the-art technology.

Discover the benefits available by having a complete concept design to finished part data flow.  The Challenge faced by many manufacturers is the management of engineering data and other disparate product data during prototype or development, and then effectively getting that information into PLEX.

Enterprise Information Management

Actify Centro provides a powerful platform for discrete manufacturers to integrate many line-of-business systems and deliver a centralized and unified view of your product data.
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At PowerPlex 2016, hear about the various pitfalls and barriers our clients have faced with other product data management solutions.  Through market research and external consultant engagements, the solution to be presented from Actify starts at the very beginning of the process with the creation of a ‘birth certificate’ for all new projects.  The solution provides data management through the concept design and quoting process before the real engineering work even begins.  The solution manages the process of moving engineering data seamlessly to and from PLEX without the need for manual intervention. The range of applications being corralled range from Excel spreadsheets to 3-D CAD and the information being automatically uploaded to PLEX includes the Bill of material structure, associated engineering metadata, 3d viewing capabilities and more.

Significant time savings are achieved and the possibility for errors as data is transferred between systems is totally eliminated.  The added benefit of near real time product data provides greater insight into the business and highlighting potential problems downstream.

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