Technology and the connected manufacturing industry

The view of technology and the connected manufacturing industry
Industry trends

At PowerPlex 2016 we will talk about:

Industry 4.0, the ‘connected enterprise’ and the state of the manufacturing industry today.

Leveraging insights from the 2015 Gartner Hype Cycle for Discrete Manufacturing and PLM, Actify will address relevant disruptive technologies and industry trends with regards to market readiness, maturity and industry adoption.  Focusing on ‘digital business drivers’ that are changing due to shifting requirements for designing, producing and servicing products.

We’re starting to see this aspect of a connected enterprise and their cyber/physical systems.

It’s not only about machine and sensor data.  Those are key tools where data is “authored.” The same is true for data being authored by employees within enterprise applications. We will discuss ‘visibility of data’ and quantify how it can be used to monitor progress, identify opportunities and areas for improvement.  Visibility to ‘Real time’ data can identify problems as they occur and trend monitoring to identify problems down the line.

Connect your business systems

Actify Centro provides a powerful platform for discrete manufacturers to integrate many line-of-business systems and deliver a centralized and unified view of your product data.
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90% of the data that exists today was created in the last 2 years. Is your business ready to handle that level of data?

Actify will address ways to handle the magnitude of this combined data and the relationships between disparate and dispersed data at production and all the way back to the product definition. And how leveraging historic data and insights gained for legacy projects can deliver best practices across departments and their extended enterprise to impact the bottom line.

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