Actify Release SpinFire 11.5.0

Actify release SpinFire™ Ultimate 11.5.0

Actify SpinFire Ultimate 11.5.0 raises the bar in terms of performance, collaboration and productivity.


Performance Improvements

SpinFire 11.5.0 will provide faster response when interacting with large assemblies, using the static model.

  • Smooth on screen movements – Pan, Rotate, Zoom and auto-spin.
  • Faster rate of adding and deleting parts from the assembly tree.
  • Optimised memory usage.
  • Wall Thickness Analysis calculation is faster. It’s now optimised and allows multi core processing.
  • SolidEdge 2D support



With SpinFire 11.5.0 you will be able to communicate and collaborate design data with colleagues using the new Microsoft office integration for Excel, PowerPoint and Word. 2D callouts will also improve collaboration when communicating feedback on 2D CAD drawings.

  • Microsoft Office Integration


  • 2D Callouts



The grids and rulers provide greater context when investigating models within the SpinFire workspace. Save time by adding your favourite or commonly used functions to the new shortcut toolbar.

  • 2D and 3D Grid and Rulers


  • Shortcut Toolbar


For many years SpinFire has been the industry’s leading CAD Viewer for investigating 3D and 2D CAD data without the need for a comprehensive CAD System or running a separate workstation.  Thanks to SpinFire Ultimate manufacturing companies can cost-effectively explore CAD data and gain insight from their product information.  SpinFire Ultimate is a modern CAD Viewer with multi-CAD support for 3D and 2D CAD files.


For more information on SpinFire Ultimate 11.5.0 including added improvements, all of the issues that were addressed in this release, and known issues, please view the full release notes.

For a list of What’s NEW in SpinFire Ultimate 11.5.0, please visit our help site for more information.


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