Still experiencing problems from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Are you still experiencing problems from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update?


As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, there are ongoing issues with the Windows 10 Anniversary update that is currently impacting various 3rd party Applications and existing Windows functionality. SpinFire Ultimate users have reported instances where they’ve been unable to open their CAD files since applying the Windows 10 Anniversary update. Our development team has narrowed down the problem to the new .NET 4.6.2 release which was included in the Windows update. This Bug, which automatically installs with the update, causes an issue to the cross process communication method between SpinFire Ultimate and SpinFire Viewer, resulting in the inability to open files.


Actify have reached out to Microsoft for help to fix this, but have not yet received a response, nor has Microsoft released any updates to Windows 10. We understand the urgency to resolve this problem and our development team has been working hard to create a fix for this issue and have managed to find a solution.


SpinFire Ultimate 11.3.2 bypasses the .NET 4.6.2 bug. If you have experienced problems with opening files in SpinFire since installing the Windows 10 Anniversary update, simply update your version of SpinFire to 11.3.2 and it should fix this problem.


You may choose to download the new version 11.3.2 from our customer support portal or you can update your current version of SpinFire Ultimate to receive the fix by clicking on “Help” at the top of the application and then “Check for Updates” for the application to download and update SpinFire:

SpinFire Updates

Rest assured that this solution should not be affected with any future .NET updates from Microsoft.

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