Actify Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary!

Actify Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary!

A huge thanks to our thousands of valued customers and strategic partners.


This month of December, Actify, Inc. has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 20 years of operation. Founded in 1996, in San Francisco, California, two decades of experience have transformed Actify from a dedicated CAD viewing solution provider to a strategic partner providing a software platform for viewing, collaborating and gaining actionable insight from all types of disparate product data.  This was the company’s motivation with its original inception in 1996 and remains true today: to deliver solutions to revolutionize the way product data and product information is viewed, managed and shared across the enterprise and throughout the development lifecycle.  Actify understands product data, from the original designer’s product definition within engineering to disparate product data across a manufacturer’s extended enterprise.

Actify’s product offerings have expanded over the last two decades in response to our customers’ ever evolving business needs. We have built upon our industry leading CAD viewer and introduced SpinFire Ultimate in 2015.  Actify Centro and Actify Insight, our enterprise offerings enable Data Management, Data Discovery, and Project Management.  Today, we offer a host of solutions to help manufacturers achieve greater productivity by gaining access to all their pertinent data.

Not only has Actify’s portfolio grown, the company has also expanded from its headquarters in San Francisco with an office in Munich, Germany which opened for business in 2011. By having a presence in Germany, a region with more than 2000 Actify customers, we can better support the needs and maintain a high level of service to our ever-expanding customer base.  Actify chose Edinburgh, Scotland as its R&D hub for its extensive expertise and fast-evolving technology sector.  Edinburgh is quickly becoming recognized as Europe’s fastest growing tech capital.  These added locations have contributed greatly to Actify’s continued growth and success.

Chris Jones, Actify CEO and president, reflected on the company’s 20th anniversary by saying, “I’ve been with this company since 2006 and the last 10 years have flown by!  it has been a tremendous journey for us to take as a business, alongside our customers and partners. We’ve weathered troubling economic times, kept pace with technological advancements, and stayed determined to provide our market with solutions that truly help their productivity and their bottom line. We have a devoted team of employees that we continue to grow and I am proud to report that our business is doing well. I would like to offer a huge thanks to our thousands of valued customers and strategic partners, but especially to those that continue to have faith in Actify.”

The last 20 years have brought many changes in Actify, but the horizon looks good and 2017 promises to bring even more great news for the company, so look out for further press releases in the new year.


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