Investigative CAD functions

Measuring and annotating CAD models.

Use a single software solution that enables you to view, measure, mark-up and share 2D and 3D CAD data formats within one easy-to access file.  Investigate models, easily analyze 3D data, such as volume, mass, total surface area, draft angle, bounding box, tube length, and more.

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Smart Dimensioning

Automatically dimension parts by simply selecting a geometric entity. This feature provides massive productivity and efficiency gains by quickly and effortlessly providing part dimensions.

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Tube Length

SpinFire Ultimate attempts to auto complete the selection by traversing the tube to the end once the beginning arc has been selected to determine the length of the tube.

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2D Stamps

2D Stamps in SpinFire Ultimate allows you to stamp your reviewed 2D documents, import stamps found in SpinFire 10 .3D files, and edit and add your own stamps to 2D drawings.

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Notes & Annotations

Select the appropriate location to attach a label, note or annotation.  Position the label, type to add comments or hyperlinks to bring more context to your designs and CAD data.

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Product Features

CAD Viewer

Gain Insight to Product Data. Design Feedback & Team Collaboration.

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CAD Visualization

Exploded assembly, Section View, Transform by Handles, Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).

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CAD Model Analysis

Model Compare, Draft Angle Analysis, Volume of Void, Cross-section area, perimeter & centroid.

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CAD Solutions

CAD Publishing Automation

Centralize and automate publishing of native CAD files.

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Multi-CAD Support

Multi-CAD data exchange support for manufacturers.

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Online CAD Viewer

SpinFire Web is a revolutionary, zero-download, cloud enabled CAD viewer.

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