Getting started with SpinFire Ultimate – Enterprise CAD Collaboration (5 of 5)

This series is designed to support your knowledge of SpinFire.
This article focuses less on application features and instead, we explore the wider enterprise value.

In previous articles we covered the following topics:

Article 1: How to capture feedback, mark-ups and create user views.
Article 2: CAD calculations (volume, surface area, center of mass, weight, thickness, bounding box)
Article 3: CAD Dimensioning (Smart edge dimensioning, Tube length, Radial, Angular and Linear menus)
Article 4: Analysis features (draft angle analysis, model compare and rule-based coloring)

(Duration: 10 minutes)
In this article, we will discuss the business value that Actify’s Enterprise CAD Viewer can provide to the wider organization.

  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Enterprise CAD Viewing Agreement
  • Complimentary Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Additionally, we will get you acquainted with our Enterprise Collaboration Platform.  A complimentary product distributed with the purchase of any Actify Enterprise solution.
(ECV+ Enterprise CAD Viewing Plus, or any Actify Business Tool)

Increasing product complexity and varying customer requirements present a growing challenge for manufacturers.  As a result, a greater emphasis is placed on effective communication and data sharing, not just within their engineering departments but across the entire organization.  This is where Actify’s solutions can best support your business.

CAD Integration with Microsoft Office

Integration with Microsoft office presents CAD data in a native application for non-technical users.  With SpinFire you can share and communicate design data with colleagues using the Microsoft office integration for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

CAD files contain a lot of value that goes beyond the engineering and design departments. While most organizations subscribe to the importance of making this information available, making it accessible to non-technical users and to the extended enterprise can present a problem.   SpinFire is Actify’s answer to the Enterprise CAD conundrum. SpinFire has the ability to visualize data from all major CAD formats and save to a lightweight, system neutral .ACT3D file that is great for sharing and collaborating. Although SpinFire compresses the CAD file to a more consumable and shareable format, it does so without sacrificing the integrity of the information from the original CAD source. With SpinFire Ultimate, users can view, measure, or markup CAD data from all major CAD software, without needing prior CAD expertise. As such, other departments in the company can gain access to the data that would otherwise have been only available to engineers that have CAD software licenses.

Enterprise CAD Viewing +

Thanks to SpinFire Ultimate manufacturing companies can cost-effectively explore CAD data and gain insight from their product information.  SpinFire Ultimate is a modern CAD Viewer with multi-CAD support for 3D and 2D CAD files.

Profit margins can be drastically affected through a delayed entry to market.  According to Accenture, on average 80% of time-to-market is spent waiting for data access, data approval, and data updates. That data is mainly constituted of engineering CAD data which is usually hidden inside proprietary CAD systems.

The amount of time spent waiting is all dependent on the levels of collaboration and the effectiveness of your product data management systems and process in place during and after product development.

If your company has the need to share CAD across the enterprise or you have numerous SpinFire Licenses, an enterprise CAD viewing (ECV) agreement might be a good fit.  For the daily price of a cup of coffee per user, you can provide CAD access on the road, at work or at home.  Our Enterprise CAD Viewing agreement includes ‘Unlimited’ visualization licenses to support your organization.  Providing you with increased levels of collaboration and access to all of your product data, substantially reducing the waiting and admin times right from the first day.

Actify’s user-friendly CAD viewer can enable both technical and non-technical disciplines to access CAD data.
Download the ebook and explore the five main benefits of CAD collaboration with SpinFire:

  1. Accelerate design
  2. Accelerate sales results
  3. Enrich customer engagement
  4. Enhance marketing collateral
  5. Improve communication with suppliers

You can download it from here.

Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Built for today’s Manufacturers


CAD collaboration platform

As it has been mentioned above, those who purchase ‘Enterprise CAD Viewing Plus’ will receive our Enterprise Collaboration Platform for free, which provides endless benefits to manufacturers without causing any disruption to their workflows or processes.

Most importantly, it connects your business systems and files, providing control and access to all of your documents including your CAD files. It comes with PDM features like check-in check-out for secure file collaboration and control over rights and permission to allow a variety of departments and stakeholders to securely collaborate.

Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform understands engineering CAD data.  Access your CAD from anywhere from any device through a browser online.  Share designs with internal and external teams, view CAD on the move and keep the CAD file local to your server to maintain control.  SpinFire Web is an online CAD viewer that allows you to instantly view, measure, mark-up and share CAD files.  It has a user-friendly interface that allows not just engineers but colleagues from other departments to use it with ease.

Actify’s Enterprise Collaboration Platform is a flexible and modular system that can be extended with additional business tools as needed. These tools include a Job Sheet Manager, a CPQ Manager, an APQP Manager and additional, tailor-made solutions that are capable of integrating your business systems, automating mundane process and visualizing your data to identify project bottle-necks. As a result, human error is reduced significantly and you can focus on what really matters, making faster and better decisions every day.

If you would like to learn more about the specific features, functionalities and business benefits, you can request a free, no-obligation product demonstration here, that would be designed to address your specific questions and needs.

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