Extend the business value of your CAD data.
When you think about CAD, most people think about their company’s engineering and design departments. However, the business value of using CAD beyond the design team is incredible.  Many departments across the organization need access to valuable information contained within CAD files.  With Actify’s Enterprise CAD Viewing (ECV) offering you can streamline processes in manufacturing, sales, marketing, customer support and the wider supply chain.

In this webinar, we will explore 5 ways CAD access can accelerate success across the enterprise.

  1. Accelerate Design
  2. Accelerate Sales Results
  3. Enrich Customer Engagement
  4. Enhance Marketing Collateral
  5. Improve Communication with Suppliers

Historically, it has been too expensive to provide CAD tools to non-engineers and in some cases the ROI for engineers who aren’t using CAD on a daily basis is questionable.  With Actify’s Enterprise CAD offering, this is no longer an obstacle and giving your entire organization access to CAD data has become very affordable. You no longer need to ration your CAD access.

Join us for our Webinar

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