Gather, organize and enrich data with Actify Centro

Many companies collect incredible amounts of data at every stage of a product’s life cycle.  Unfortunately, most of this data is generally inaccessible to the wider enterprise. It is not productive for decision-makers in your organization to waste time searching for the information they need and to manually synergize it with other data sources to make them usable.  Accurate, accessible and usable information makes the difference in productivity.

information silos

In this webinar, we will discuss how organizations need to make better use of their available data to significantly boost performance. Centro provides greater enterprise visibility and disparate data visibility, implementing controls and tools to react and respond to opportunities and insights identified through a connected manufacturing infrastructure.


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Actify, Inc. is 100% focused on delivering solutions that revolutionizes the way product data and product information is managed and shared across the enterprise and throughout the development lifecycle.  Actify understands product data, from the original designer’s product definition within engineering to disparate product data across a manufacturer’s extended enterprise.  Today, Actify provides a unified platform that significantly speeds up enterprise data access everywhere and overcomes the challenge of sharing engineering type data.