Join our webinar as we discuss Automotive Supplier Challenges


On 16th June, Supply Chain and Manufacturing expert Jim Shepherd discussed how technology could help mitigate supply chain risk post Covid-19.

Missed it?  You can listen to the webinar here 


Join us on a follow-up webinar as we discuss how Actify can empower your organization with our purpose-built technology for automotive suppliers. A lot of the challenges we discuss are inherent issues that were magnified by the pandemic.


In just 45 minutes, let us show you how Actify can help with the following Automotive Supplier challenges:


  • Ability to effectively manage automotive programs
  • Having a full 360-degree view of necessary product data
  • Keeping all product related data in sync and at the latest version
  • The obstacle to the data is that it lives in multiple places
  • The ability to generate an accurate quote with confidence within the OEM’s deadline


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