Rapidly locate product data with Centro Search

Powerful Search functionality is a fundamental component to any Data Management platform. Centro is a central repository that has a magnitude of combined data from across the enterprise.  Centro Search effectively filters through that data to find the relevant product or component you are looking for.

Save Time

Searching for a similar or equivalent parts that may reside somewhere inside the company’s legacy assets is a very time-consuming process today.  Mitigate engineers spending valuable time creating parts that already exists and potentially contributing to excess inventory.  Rapidly find product data with Centro Search.

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Search by Metadata

The Advanced search feature allows you to create a condition based search criteria using attributes and associated metadata to define what the file is, rather than guessing where it is. Centro’s Search technology provides a rich user experience eliminating the need to navigate an often chaotic folder structure.

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Eliminate Duplicate Part Creation

Centro enables Engineers and designers to rapidly come to the best conclusion between design creation and design reuse.  Save Time and Money by Reusing parts.  Use Centro to expose duplicate or similar parts and reuse parts instead of wasting time creating duplicates.

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Where used

Browse through CAD tree structures and associated data relationships. Centro’s Graph database architecture provides relationships between associated data to enable business users to navigate through the connected product data.

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Product Features

Data Discovery

Actify Centro provides a powerful platform for discrete manufacturers to integrate many line-of-business systems and deliver a centralized and unified view of your product data for effective enterprise data discovery.

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Integration Platform

Centro’s Pipeline Manager gathers hidden, disparate, or dispersed product data held within multiple business systems or spread across the enterprise. Use Centro’s pipeline manager to extract, transform and load (ETL) unstructured data into a centralized repository.

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Central Repository

Centro Catalog is a Central Repository for discrete manufacturers’ product data to enable Enterprise Data Discovery.  Overcome the information discovery challenge. Centro helps users quickly and efficiently navigate to the specific project, part or associated files that they are looking for.

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Check-in, Check-out

Centro Control delivers lightweight PDM functionality with the ability to ‘check in and check out’ resources to prevent information loss or overwriting files when project teams collaborate.  Centro gives you greater control of your files and product information, specifically version control, to mitigate any concurrency issues.

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BOM Comparison

Centro’s BOM Manager enables you to compare Catalog parts, CAD assembly structures and any other data structure. This utility can support; the synchronization of eBOM and mBOM file structures, the comparison of two CAD assembly structures or other side by side comparisons.

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Online CAD Viewer

SpinFire Web is a revolutionary, zero-download, cloud enabled CAD viewer. SpinFire Web allows users to interrogate 3D CAD parts without an expensive CAD license. SpinFire Web is a great component for enterprise wide CAD viewing, overcoming the challenge of sharing engineering type data.

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