What’s New in Centro

Centro 7.8.2 introduces collaboration features, facet browsing, the reading of CAD attribute and properties on-the-fly, and an interface for LDAP configuration.


Take measurements, adjust the camera angle, and take a snapshot to add to a discussion about the CAD part/assembly. Your co-workers can chime-in to add to the discussion to give the criticism, feedback, or praise to move the project forward.


Multiple SpinFire Web Navigation

When your catalog part has more than one SpinFire Web file to view, clicking on the SpinFire Web icon reveals a menu of available SpinFire Web files to select from.



Facet Browser

View your data as an aggregate and browse through it, selecting and pivoting on a different facet (project property) to find your projects and catalog parts in a way your users understand.



LDAP Improvements

In previous versions, system administrators needed to manipulate config files to configure LDAP connections. Centro 7.8.0 moves those settings into the database, allows configuration via a new user interface, and empowers a user to immediately test the connection.



Generate CAD Attributes and Physical Properties

Centro now provides an easier way of generating CAD attributes and physical properties when manually uploading a file or checking in a file. You no longer need to run the file(s) through a pipeline watching a folder.



Importer Updates

Centro 7.8.2 updates importers to match SpinFire Ultimate 11.7.1 adding support for new importers,

  • AutoDesk 3DS Max
  • AutoDesk Revit
  • FBX
  • gITF
  • Waterfront OBJ
  • CATIA V5-6R2019 (R29)
  • CREO 6.0
  • NX 1847 Series


Admin Area State Call Back

Centro remembers the page you were last using in the Admin Area saving you some time when jumping from Catalog to Pipeline Manager, to Admin Area.

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Learn how Centro can complement SpinFire’s CAD viewing capabilities, as a simple but powerful CAD data management and collaboration platform.


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