Data Discovery

Actify’s Data Discovery technology provides a powerful platform for discrete manufacturers that enables you to integrate your line of business systems to deliver a single, centralized view of your enterprise data for effective Enterprise Data Discovery that’s both secure and easy to use while overcoming the challenge of multi-site, multi-region access to data.

If you’re finding that spreadsheets and emails are no longer effective at managing the complexity and speed of change in business today, and static business intelligence reports do not satisfy the needs of enterprise users, there is a better way.  Actify’s Centro™ is a purpose-built solution ideal for discrete manufacturers for managing product data, resources and information that can help you become more efficient and competitive.

No one knows your business better than you, and you shouldn’t need a computer science degree to manage your business. Centro provides the user friendly tools you need to find information, share files and optimize the flow of product data throughout a product’s lifecycle to optimize the creation and version control of end to end documentation.

Actify’s Data Discovery technology empowers the business users to make use of the available tools and conduct their own interrogation and analysis on the available product data. Our Graph database architecture enables relationships between associated data to enable business users to navigate through the connected and related information. Centro is a complete and scalable enterprise solution.

product data management

One simple system that allows you to access and manage all of your product data.

Actify’s Data Discovery technology manages all of your product information and associated files. Centro in a non-intrusive business application, meaning it can work alongside existing applications and other line-of-business systems in order to unify your current infrastructure. Centro unites your line of business systems to deliver a cohesive view of your enterprise product data.

Centro aggregates the intelligence of your entire enterprise by combining information from many line of business systems such as ERP, CAD, networked drives and other vaulted data systems both cloud or on premise. Centro supports information workers in many departments across the enterprise and extended organisation to share, collaborate and effortlessly find the information they need by accessing product data from across the enterprise.

Centro is an integration platform and central repository for discrete manufacturers’ product data to enable enterprise data discovery.

Centro’s Integration Platform:
Centro is flexible and connects to virtually any data source in a non-intrusive manner and is CAD application neutral; handling many different types of integration between systems and managing different file formats. Centro is user-friendly and encourages the business user to support the data mapping setup and self-service their own information integration. Centro automates the synchronization of your product information to ensure that everyone is operating from the latest version.

Centro Enterprise Data Discovery:
Centro is a Central Repository of parts, metadata and associated files with search, compare and interrogation functions to deliver a Data Discovery Platform for the enterprise. Centro has powerful search tools used to filter through thousands of indexed parts and resources based on key product attributes to rapidly locate the right information. Centro has a toolbox of functions for viewing, comparing and interrogation data available within the application at the user’s disposal. Delivering side by side comparison of available product data, CAD viewing within the application to enable view, measure, mark-up interrogation for CAD files. Centro delivers user based access rights and permissions so you have peace of mind that the right people get access to the right data.

manage product data

Imagine being able to open one application and see information being compiled from multiple sources. With Centro, this is all possible. The information source can range from complex 3D geometry through ERP, PLM applications to Excel spreadsheets. Centro’s Data Discovery technology gives you the ability to extract information from multiple different databases and applications using Centro’s integration platform to connect and gain information from within disparate locations.

Key Benefits

Gathering Product data – Centro gathers hidden, disparate, or dispersed product data held within multiple business systems or spread across the enterprise. Centro unlocks this valuable product data and makes it accessible and universally consumable for the enterprise.

Tracking Initial Development Activities – traditional business systems are focused on providing support at the production end of a parts development cycle and the initial development phases are not effectively documented. Centro gathers and tracks the initial ‘concept and development’ phases where typically 95% of a project’s costs are defined.

Communicating Engineering type data – At Actify our core capability is extracting product data and part properties from CAD files and engineering type documents as though it was just another database. We overcome the obstacle of CAD viewing across the enterprise.

Visibility & access to enterprise data – Centro unifies business systems and gathers the enterprise data within a central repository to deliver visibility and access to product data to overcome barriers by application or by location.

Self Service Data Discovery – Centro enables the business user to analyse or interrogate CAD data and associated files by using the available tools within our applications to enable their own organic discovery and comparison of product data.

Keeping Product Data in Sync – Centro synchronises enterprise data in an automated and orchestrated fashion to ensure everyone is working to the latest file version. Revisions are archived, check-in check-out functionality ensures concurrent file management and prevents data loss through overwriting. Comparison tools allow you to compare two data structures side-by-side to identify any differences or concurrency issues.

Centro connects the enterprise making information viewable and available in one location while unlocking insights and actionable knowledge never before achievable. Centro eliminates information silos providing a concurrent and single version of your product information to deliver operational efficiencies through the streamlining of workflows, orchestrated information between departments and the standardisation of parts or reduced complexity between product SKUs; making your legacy and current product information work to benefit new product development and reduce risk exposure.