CAD visualization software for the enterprise

In a manufacturing organization, there are often users that do not author product data, but rather need only to view, measure, mark-up or investigate the results from their original designer.  Actify’s CAD Visualization solution, SpinFire Ultimate, provides enterprise users with a CAD application to accommodate the CAD visualization needs for your company.

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Exploded Assembly

SpinFire Ultimate 3D visualization software from Actify creates exploded views from your 3D model assembly.

View the exploded transformations in real-time.

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Section View

Select a specific section cut for visualization.  View internal features or hidden construction with an offset or stepped section cut to observe and display different section levels of the CAD model.

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Transform by Handles

Drag along any axis or rotate to graphically move parts.  Investigate, transform and view components without affect the original assembly definition.

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Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)

SpinFire Ultimate gives you the flexibility to distribute product design data easily and accurately.  SpinFire Ultimate can import PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information) from specific native 3D CAD files. PMI is also known as GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) or MBD (Model Based Definition).

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Product Features

CAD Viewer

Gain insight to product data.  Design feedback & team collaboration

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Investigate CAD

Smart Dimensioning, Tube Length, 2D Stamps, Notes & Annotations

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CAD Model Analysis

Model Compare, Draft Angle Analysis, Volume of Void, Cross-section area, perimeter & centroid

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CAD Solutions

CAD Publishing Automation

Centralize and automate publishing of native CAD files.

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Multi-CAD Support

Multi-CAD data exchange support for manufacturers.

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Online CAD Viewer

SpinFire Web is a revolutionary, zero-download, cloud enabled CAD viewer.

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