Don’t be a victim of information silos

CAD engineers, especially in manufacturing companies, are some of the biggest victims of information silos. Their problem is that while CAD software tools continue to grow in complexity and become more sophisticated, the ability to exchange that data with colleagues and partners become even more of a challenge. For an organization to be successful, it must operate as a unified team sharing information in order to stay ahead of the competition. Greater collaboration between engineering, designing, manufacturing, product planning, and other departments is crucial. That being said, not everyone has access to the CAD data.


Because CAD software packages can be very expensive it mainly resides in the engineering department. If one of the departments outside of engineering need the data, but don’t have the authoring software, they’re not able to view it. Engineers are faced with the problem of not being able to share important information because the CAD program is not readily available to the rest of the organization, nor are most users skilled using CAD software. A company would have to be willing to invest not only the money in purchasing more CAD software seats, but they would also need to invest the time in training those non-technical users how to use these highly specialized software in order to be able to access and collaborate on important information. The CAD data exchange problem is not a new one, but luckily, companies now have options.


Collaborate with SpinFire

With the right CAD viewing solution like Actify’s SpinFire Ultimate, easily access and collaborate on multiple CAD formats.
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Actify’s Product Data Intelligence solutions were designed around the vision of delivering easily deployed, highly adoptable solutions that allow users access to the product data appropriate to their role while leveraging the line of business systems and data already in place. While CAD programs are necessary for the engineers to do their job, the data they author is useful throughout the company. Unfortunately, in order to access that data, one must have access to the CAD software. That is no longer the case. SpinFire Ultimate, Actify’s product visualization solution enables departments outside of engineering access to important product data information without the need for more CAD software licenses, or program knowhow.


SpinFire Ultimate is Actify’s answer to the CAD data exchange conundrum. SpinFire has the ability to visualize data from all major CAD formats and save to a lightweight, system neutral .ACT3D file that is great for sharing and collaborating. Although SpinFire compresses the CAD file to a more consumable and shareable format, it does so without sacrificing the integrity of the information from the original CAD source. With SpinFire Ultimate, users can view, measure, or markup CAD data from all major CAD software, without needing prior CAD expertise. As such, other departments in the company can gain access to the data that would otherwise have been only available to engineers that have CAD software licenses. This ability to directly access the CAD data information allow for better collaboration across the company and could contribute to greater success.

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