Leverage your 3D data across the enterprise, with the only CAD viewer you’ll need!

Create additional value for your organization by extending the use of your 3D data beyond the engineering and design teams. Actify’s SpinFire Ultimate solution is a CAD viewer that will allow you to leverage the value of the information in your CAD files throughout your organization, without the need of costly CAD licenses.


The Problem: Getting access to and repurposing your company’s 2D and 3D Data.  Your CAD files have a lot of value that extend beyond the engineering and design teams. The problem, however, is making this information available beyond the technical users to your extended enterprise and your supply chain. But access to the data is not enough. In order to provide more value, it also needs to be usable by non-CAD users.


The Solution: A CAD Viewer that anyone in your organization, even non-CAD users, can use.  SpinFire™ Ultimate is Actify’s product visualization solution that supports 2D and 3D viewing for all major CAD formats. Not just a CAD Viewer, SpinFire also provides markup, measuring and a host of useful investigative functions in an easily deployable solution that is helpful to CAD and non-CAD users alike.


CAD applications, while very useful and often necessary for manufacturing engineers and designers, are also very expensive and require a degree of expertise in order to be an effective user. CAD software have their place in the company and a lot of important information is generated through CAD programs. However, because they are expensive and can be difficult to use, it is not uncommon for the CAD data to be held hostage by technical users who are the only ones that have access to the software, and therefore, the files. Other departments like purchasing, marketing, or sales that could benefit from accessing the CAD data are beholden to designers and engineers to get access, which wastes both party’s time.


Not everyone has to author data, but people should be able to access and use it especially if it’s to the company’s benefit. This is where a CAD Viewer comes in. CAD Viewers allow individuals to view CAD files without the need for expensive CAD licenses, nor the expertise to use CAD applications. It is a cost-effective alternative to being able to access valuable information from proprietary CAD formats. But just like there are many CAD software available, there are also a handful of CAD viewer to choose from, but the choice is simple.


Collaborate with SpinFire

Compatibility with most major CAD systems means SpinFire is a perfect platform for collaboration with your extended project team.
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Enter SpinFire Ultimate


SpinFire Ultimate is Actify’s answer to manufacturers’ product visualization needs. It’s the only CAD Viewer your company will ever need. With SpinFire Ultimate, a user does not need any prior CAD experience in order to use the application and it is far less costly than what your company would spend on CAD licenses. Actify’s solutions are designed specifically for the extended enterprise information worker because we understand that product collaboration is no longer just for engineers.


As a CAD Viewer, SpinFire is both robust and reliable, while also being simple to use and easily adoptable. Virtually no training is required.  SpinFire Ultimate can work with all major 3D and 2D CAD formats and is able to convert CAD models into a compact, lightweight and neutral format for easy sharing with internal and external teams. Imagine having your marketing team able to directly work with CAD models and create images for collateral or your quoting department have the ability to use the 2D and 3D data to produce quick and accurate quotes. With SpinFire Ultimate as your CAD Viewer, it is possible.


Whether or not you have the technical background to work with CAD software, if you need to view, measure or markup models and drawings from any of the major CAD vendors easily and affordably— Actify’s SpinFire Ultimate is the proven choice.

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