Increase CAD Data access while lowering cost

Increase CAD Data access while lowering cost

CAD files contain a lot of value that go beyond the engineering and design departments. While most organizations subscribe to the importance of making this information available, making it accessible to non-technical users and to the extended enterprise can present a problem. It is essential for the IT department to address the breadth to which information really needs to be made available and determine the most cost effective way to share knowledge without losing the integrity of the information being disseminated.

With regards to CAD, as we have previously mentioned, you don’t necessarily have to give everyone an expensive CAD authoring software that can cost thousands of dollars per user license in order to gain access to the CAD data. Not everyone has to author data, but workers should be able to access and use it especially if it is to the company’s benefit. This is where a CAD Viewer comes in. CAD Viewers allow individuals to view CAD files without the need for expensive CAD licenses, nor the knowledge to use CAD applications. It is a cost-effective alternative to being able to access valuable information from proprietary CAD formats.


If your company has a lot of expensive CAD authoring applications within your organization, a cost effective CAD viewing solution like Actify’s SpinFire Ultimate, may be the key.


While Actify’s SpinFire Web solution allows users to view CAD data from a browser and without the need for a download, SpinFire Ultimate is a more robust desktop application that converts from all major CAD applications into a compact and lightweight, system neutral .ACT3D format that can be viewed and shared across your organization easily and accurately, be it through our free SpinFire Reader, or through SpinFire Ultimate.  While SpinFire Ultimate comes with a wide range of features that allow for a host of investigative functions and model analysis that would satisfy most engineers’ and designers’ requirements, it is also simple enough for non-technical users like your Sales or Procurement teams to use. As such, you can enable your non-technical users to self-service their information needs, reducing the demand on engineering/design resources that would have to provide the information being requested from the CAD data.

By understanding your company’s CAD requirements, you may just realize that a CAD viewer that converts all major CAD formats into a system neutral file, while maintaining the integrity of the original CAD data is just the solution you company needs. With SpinFire Ultimate as your company’s CAD viewing solution, your users can easily share important information resulting in better collaboration and shortening design cycles which ultimately saves your company more time and money.


Increase CAD Data access

With the right CAD viewing solution like Actify’s SpinFire Ultimate, allow information workers to view CAD files without the need for expensive CAD licenses, nor the knowledge to use CAD applications.
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