Get started with SpinFire Ultimate – CAD Dimensioning (3 of 5)

This series is designed to accelerate your learning curve and highlight SpinFire’s core features.

In our previous articles we covered:

Article 1: How to capture feedback, markups and create user views.
Article 2: CAD calculations (volume, surface area, center of mass, weight, thickness, bounding box)

In this article, we are going to explore some powerful dimensioning features available inside SpinFire: (Duration: 5 minutes)

  • Smart edge dimensioning
  • Tube length
  • Radial menu
  • Angular menu
  • Linear menu


Smart edge dimensioning

SpinFire’s smart edge dimension command is a versatile measuring tool for parts and surfaces.
With this command, you can quickly and easily determine edge lengths, edge to point and edge to arc center distances, and the minimum distance between two edges. You can also choose to measure arc characteristics, such as diameter, radius, center coordinates, and the distance between two arc centers.


To create a Smart Edge Dimension:

  1. Click on the Smart Dimension icon, then select Smart Edge Dimension.
  2. Hover your cursor over an edge.
  3. Clicking on the selected edge creates the default dimension, length or diameter, depending on the shape of the part.
  4. Right-click on a highlighted edge to see the Smart Dimension Options.
  5. Select your preferred option and then select another edge if needed.



Tube length

This function measures the length of a tube between first and last radii selections. In the following video, you will see that it takes only a couple of seconds to select these points, SpinFire will auto-complete and traverse the length of the pipe following the centerline along all the straights and bends between your selected points.  Note, If you choose to uncheck the ‘auto complete’ checkbox, you will need to manually select each arc from the beginning of the pipe to the desired end.  Manual selection may be preferable when you want to measure only a portion of the tube.



Radial menu

The radial menu contains commands for measuring arcs and circles.

Linear menu

The Linear menu contains commands for measuring lengths, coordinates, edges, and areas.

Angular menu

The angular menu contains commands for measuring angles.





We hope this article helps you gain the most out of your SpinFire CAD viewer.


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In our next article, we will explore some of SpinFire’s analysis features: draft angle analysis, model compare and rule-based coloring.


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