Get started with SpinFire Ultimate – Basic features (1 of 5)

In this article, we feature 4 video tutorials to get you acquainted with SpinFire’s user interface and basic features. (Duration: 20 minutes)

1. Introduction to SpinFire

During this introductory video, you will learn about file handling, navigation and measurement features within SpinFire.

Useful timestamps:

- Opening CAD files in the workspace (1:17)
- Import assembly tree and individual items (2:39)
- Searching for CAD files using SpinFire library (3:39)
- Working with assemblies (4:35)
- CAD Views and User Views(5:09)
- Dimensioning (5:38)
- Color options (7:04)
- Advanced: Volume of a void (8:28)
- Weight calculation (Materials and units) (9:30)
- Section cut (9:50)
- Visual rendering effects (10:53)


2. Application settings

Change SpinFire’s appearance.  Whether it’s to achieve a corporate look or for personal preference, the following video shows you how to change the settings of your SpinFire application:

  • Change your SpinFire color theme and graphical interface icons
  • Check for updates – enable/disable and set the frequency of updates
  • Set the number of recent documents on the SpinFire home screen
  • Lock ACT3D files
  • Change language settings


3. Mark-ups

This short video unlocks the power of collaboration.  Explore some of the popular markup options available in SpinFire to capture comments and feedback.

  • 3D point note
  • 3D edge note
  • 3D note
  • 3D surface note
  • Auto note


4. User views

The collaboration continues. This video covers how you can capture your annotations, calculations, and store analysis results within a ‘User View’ to share with colleagues and other stakeholders.

  • View individual user views
  • Update user views
  • Save analysis results to user views


We hope this article helps you gain the most out of your SpinFire CAD viewer.


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