Empowering your designers and engineers with the right tools

The right tools can translate into increased agility and ultimately improve your bottom line

For companies that work with CAD data, hardware is an essential factor in the company’s productivity and must be considered when formulating the company’s IT strategy. In today’s ever changing technology landscape, IT managers must be flexible in the way they strategize the company’s needs in order to position their company for future growth. When it comes to CAD, the right tools can result in greater productivity and increased efficiency which ultimately improves your company’s bottom line.


It’s no longer just about desktop specs

IT managers that have to factor in the use of CAD solutions must perform a balancing act of providing the company’s engineers and designers with the right machine that will encourage peak performance while also ensuring that these designated CAD machines fit into the bigger IT productivity picture. For instance, which setup is more appropriate when dealing with 2D?  Desktop or a workstation? According to a white paper published by Lenovo, providing 2D users with a regular desktop is doing them a disservice.  A workstation certified to work with your company’s preferred CAD solution will give you and your 2D users a lot more return on your investment. Working with your company’s CAD manager and knowing what your company’s information workers need out of their CAD data will better help you strategize which hardware is most appropriate for their tasks. Nowadays, there are laptops that can perform as well as any desktop if there is a need for your users’ hardware to be portable. The key in providing the right tool for the job is knowing what is expected out of the CAD software and providing hardware that exceeds the minimum requirement of said software and be able to have room for the ever increasing power that CAD systems require from computers, be it a desktop or otherwise.


Desktop Application VS Cloud

Continuing on with the importance of knowing what is required of your company’s CAD solution, another factor to consider when deciding the appropriate tool for the job is choosing between desktop applications or a cloud based solution. If your CAD users need to be able to author and perform analysis functions and if they work with large CAD files, it is best to choose a dedicated desktop application. The breadth of feature functionality included in a desktop CAD solution is much more robust than that of an online solution and are likely more suited for dedicated technical users that work extensively with CAD.

However, if there is a need to share CAD information with other team members without the end-user having to download software, it is best to consider hosting a CAD viewer in a Cloud environment such as Actify’s SpinFire Web solution. SpinFire Web provides secure access to 3D data through a web browser, while keeping your organization’s CAD files local to a designated server. This ability allows your team members to provide quick access to 3D CAD data with other colleagues that simply need to view the information, all while maintain control of the CAD file and without having to spend extra money on expensive CAD licenses.


Empower your designers and engineers

With the right CAD viewing solution like Actify’s SpinFire Ultimate, enable the enterprise to access and collaborate on multiple CAD formats.
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