In a market that’s saturated with many CAD viewing alternatives, what’s right for me?

In a market that’s saturated with many options for CAD viewing, learn what Actify’s SpinFire Ultimate solution can do for you.

Actify SpinFire™ Ultimate CAD Viewer is equipped with multi-CAD support, allowing users to view, measure, markup, and investigate 3D and 2D data from all major CAD software vendors. SpinFire can offer much more than just CAD viewing with its ability to deliver CAD-like analysis and easily work with other major formats like Catia, SolidWorks or IGES.

AutoCAD is one of the most popular CAD programs for companies and individuals. Being that it is the industry standard, its file formats dwg, dwf and dxf are widely used. As such, an AutoCAD supported viewer is a cost effective alternative for users that need to work with and review dxf, dwf or dwg files without having to invest in expensive AutoCAD licenses. In the manufacturing industry however, where the need for interoperability with other CAD formats is more commonplace, a run of the mill dedicated AutoCAD viewer may not suffice.

How do I pick the right CAD viewer?

There are many dedicated CAD viewing options in the market. However, why settle for just a dedicated AutoCAD viewer or Catia viewer, when you can have a solution that can work with all major native CAD formats easily and effectively? SpinFire Ultimate is Actify’s answer to your product visualization needs. Not only can SpinFire view dwg, dwf and dxf files, it can handle over 50 different formats from many software packages. SpinFire Ultimate is a neutral CAD viewer.  The SpinFire technology can convert from all of the popular CAD formats and save to a CAD neutral and lightweight format that is accurate and easily distributable across an organization. This is especially useful for manufacturers who have to work with multiple CAD formats and share the information from the sales team to the shop floor. With our free SpinFire Reader, Actify’s .ACT3D format is easy to share and can be viewed by anyone that has SpinFire Ultimate or SpinFire Reader. If being able to easily access and work with your dwg, dwf or dxf files in an easy to use environment without sacrificing the integrity of the data is important to your organization, then SpinFire is the solution for you.


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Actify’s revolutionary CAD Viewer, SpinFire Ultimate, is the perfect CAD viewing platform to lower costs and increase your access to product data.
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Increase your access to product data without increasing your cost

One of the main motivations for considering a CAD viewer versus purchasing a major CAD license is the drastic cost difference. A SpinFire license is only a fraction of the cost of a fully featured CAD authoring application. You may wonder if in lowering your cost, you are sacrificing the integrity of your CAD files, however with SpinFire Ultimate, it is just the opposite. With SpinFire, not only do you have an accurate representation of your CAD files, as SpinFire maintains the underlying B-rep information, you will also have increased access to other product data across your company.  For manufacturers, the cost savings in being able to overcome the barrier of working with multiple CAD formats can result in better collaboration because of the ease in file sharing, shortened design cycles which save time and money, and the peace of mind that the accuracy and richness of the original CAD formats have been maintained.



Actify SpinFire Ultimate is a revolutionary CAD Viewer with multi-CAD support for 3D and 2D viewing, measuring, markup and other investigative functions. SpinFire is able to convert CAD data into a compact, lightweight and neutral format for sharing with internal and external teams.  Gain insight from your product data. Actify’s SpinFire CAD Viewer will fulfil the Product Visualisation needs of your organisation regardless of its size.  Try our full featured CAD Viewer – Actify SpinFireUltimate, absolutely FREE.  No obligation product trial for 15 days.

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