A CAD Program for the sales team

Discover how you can get more from your 3D and 2D product data when supporting quoting and estimating activities without the need for expensive CAD program with Actify’s SpinFire Ultimate CAD viewer.

Actify’s SpinFire™ Ultimate provides powerful 3D and 2D CAD visualization capabilities.  SpinFire enables secure access, communication and distribution of multiple CAD formats, throughout the enterprise and supply chain, allowing companies to realize cost savings and productivity gains in product design, procurement, quoting and estimation, manufacturing, sales, marketing and support.

For companies that work predominantly in the automotive supplier chain, putting together proposals and bids with great accuracy and speed is essential to increasing new business. There are some CAD programs with automatic cost estimation tools that are fully integrated with 3D CAD that enable engineers to check their design against cost targets, but what about the companies that receive multiple CAD formats which are not compatible with their current CAD software? Not only that, sales and estimating teams do not have access to engineering resources to read, view and measure the file formats in a workable application. In order to produce a proposal, the sales team would need to collaborate with design and manufacturing departments to accurately assess the production costs. Because of this, proposal turnaround can be very slow and labor intensive for the sales team.

Enter SpinFire Ultimate, Actify’s CAD Visualization solution that enables organizations to cost-effectively view, measure, and mark-up 3D and 2D files from any major CAD software, delivering CAD-like analysis functions. SpinFire Ultimate can handle large assemblies and shattered assemblies and supports the communication and interrogation of an individual product’s geometry and data to liberate the product definition. But the best part is that even though SpinFire is equipped with a robust set of features, you don’t have to be an engineer or have any CAD program knowledge to use it.

A CAD program with more than just the typical CAD user in mind

SpinFire Ultimate is designed with an intuitive Graphical User Interface that allows users to quickly learn and begin using the solution with very little effort, even if they never had prior CAD software knowledge. Engineers will be happy with the many features that SpinFire has to offer, but the sales organization will really appreciate being able to access 3D and 2D CAD data that they did not have access to before; be it because their company did not have licenses to the CAD program or because the sales team neither had the background nor the training to use the CAD software effectively. SpinFire is designed with the non-engineer and the non CAD designer in mind, while also having the technology and feature set to fulfill functions that are offered with full blown CAD programs. With SpinFire, sales teams can easily view, measure, or mark-up any CAD file submitted by prospects and can potentially eliminate the need to collaborate with Design and Manufacturing departments to accurately assess the production costs. And because users are able to save all native CAD formats to SpinFire’s system neutral .ACT3D format, when collaboration is needed on certain components, it can all be done in a workable application that is accessible across the enterprise and not just limited to engineers and designers.


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Actify’s revolutionary CAD Viewer, SpinFire Ultimate, is the perfect CAD viewing platform to lower costs and increase your access to product data.
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Streamline the quoting process for a quick turnaround on proposals

SpinFire Ultimate can simplify assemblies from any major CAD programs into a single, compressed, system neutral .ACT3D file providing an easier and more efficient file format to distribute and store. Distribution of the quoted component(s), that are saved as .ACT3D files, both for internal and external team members and customers, is made simple with the ability to open them with Actify’s free SpinFire Reader.  With SpinFire, feedback on initial design and tooling requirements can be assessed prior to an order and quotation proposals can be produced based upon initial querying of the geometry and use of images to highlight critical costing areas. The instant knowledge captured for marked up and dimensioned components that SpinFire can provide, along with the ability to continue using graphical information without the need for graphic artists, or engineers to reproduce the images, can amount to large time and cost savings. SpinFire Ultimate can help sales teams with a quick turnaround on proposals, streamlining the quoting process, which can contribute to quicker and more business wins.



Actify SpinFire Ultimate is a revolutionary CAD Viewer with multi-CAD support for 3D and 2D viewing, measuring, markup and other investigative functions. SpinFire is able to convert CAD data into a compact, lightweight and neutral format for sharing with internal and external teams.  Gain insight from your product data. Actify’s SpinFire CAD Viewer will fulfil the Product Visualisation needs of your organisation regardless of its size.  Try our full featured CAD Viewer – Actify SpinFireUltimate, absolutely FREE.  No obligation product trial for 15 days.

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