CAD access beyond the Engineering department

SpinFire™ Ultimate CAD Viewer was designed to grant non-CAD users access to 3D and 2D product data from all major CAD software, allowing departments outside of Engineering to make use of relevant product data that would otherwise be unavailable to the rest of the company who have no access to the native CAD software.

Non-CAD workers throughout manufacturing companies ordinarily go through cumbersome procedures to have access to 2D and 3D geometry, engineering parameters and associated product data. As a result, people outside engineering often gather together what they need from numerous sources, resulting in countless hours spent on redundant activity and risking errors in manually collecting information. In many cases, CAD, metadata, PMI and other product data sits in the engineering department grossly underutilized while information workers throughout the company go without vital information due to lack of accessibility to engineering CAD programs.

Groups that could utilize CAD data in one form or another expand out from the engineering department, with each having unique requirements for product data. Groups such as manufacturing, test and analysis working closely with the design department generally need the most technical representation of the data. Numerous other departments further downstream such as purchasing, marketing and sales, customer support, and field service technical publications, for example, could also benefit from access to the data from CAD CAM programs for related design information.

Liberate your Engineering data.

These numerous groups that need to repurpose CAD data for a wide range of different documents and for communication  with suppliers all share the same problem: getting access to the 2D and 3D engineering without the native CAD software. In general, direct access to CAD data is restricted to those who have the native authoring software running on their computers, and who know how to operate these programs, such as the engineers.

A CAD license is expensive, plus considering the TCO (total cost of ownership) software, hardware, maintenance and upgrade lifecycle costs. Training is another cost implication and time consuming – especially for workers unaccustomed to engineering that would not ordinarily use CAD on a regular basis. Furthermore, CAD systems are geared toward technical engineering design work rather than easy data access for people in the rest of the company. Because of this, for most companies, designers and engineers are the only people with CAD software on their computers, so the models and related product data stay locked in the engineering department.


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CAD access across the enterprise

Enter Actify SpinFire Ultimate. SpinFire helps companies and their supply chains gain access to multiple 2D and 3D CAD file formats without the need for expensive CAD software or complex IT infrastructure. With SpinFire Ultimate users can easily view, measure, or markup CAD data from all major CAD software, without needing prior knowledge of CAD programs. This means departments like sales and marketing or purchasing and customer support can have direct access to useful product data that would otherwise have been only available to engineers that have CAD software licenses. This ability to directly reuse CAD can increase productivity and improve accuracy because with SpinFire, the integrity of the original CAD data is not compromised. By reducing the time that engineers must spend having to respond to request for CAD images, dimensions, weights, surface area, material properties and other product data form the multiple departments that need them, companies can achieve improved productivity.



Actify SpinFire Ultimate is a revolutionary CAD Viewer with multi-CAD support for 3D and 2D viewing, measuring, markup and other investigative functions. SpinFire is able to convert CAD data into a compact, lightweight and neutral format for sharing with internal and external teams.  Gain insight from your product data. Actify’s SpinFire CAD Viewer will fulfil the Product Visualisation needs of your organisation regardless of its size.  Try our full featured CAD Viewer – Actify SpinFireUltimate, absolutely FREE.  No obligation product trial for 15 days.

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