Actify Spinfire 2018

Actify SpinFire™ is a budget-friendly 3D and 2D CAD viewer with multi-CAD support, especially designed for all enterprise workers to visualize and communicate engineering data. As such, you can enable non-technical users to self-service their information needs, reducing the demand placed on engineering resources.  Packed with intuitive CAD viewing, annotation, and analysis technologies.  SpinFire improves internal & external collaboration and considerably improves time-to-market.

Learn how to gain even more insight from your product data and accelerate manufacturing processes. With SpinFire, manufacturing operations can quickly and cost-effectively visualize CAD data and review designs at every stage of the process. Watch the recorded webinar

2018 SpinFire Updates:

Rule-based coloring

Rule-based coloring

This year we’ve introduced a feature called ‘Rule-based coloring’ which assigns a color state to graphically show parts that match your rule criteria.  Create completely custom rules to visually analyze and dissect your assemblies.  Find and show parts of a certain material, or greater than a specified weight, or compare surface area using rule-based coloring.
Learn More about Rule-based coloring

Scale 3D parts

Use the Scale tab within SpinFire’s ‘Transform’ facility to scale multiple objects. Parts for scaling can be selected within the viewport or from the assembly tree.   Scale parts and assemblies uniformly or scale by a specified axis.
Learn more about scaling objects.

Scale 3D parts

Importer Updates

SpinFire supports NX12, Catia V5 & V6 and Solidworks 2018 for both 2D and 3D files.

SpinFire utilizes industry leading importer libraries to deliver robust multi-CAD support.  We live in a multi-CAD world, SpinFire ensures you can work seamlessly with other CAD software systems.
View the full list of supported file formats


Coming Soon – SpinFire’s next release (11.7.0)

Performance Improvements – The SpinFire development team are continually enriching the application with many new features and performance improvements.  SpinFire 11.7.0 will introduce greater levels of performance to enhance the user experience.

Faster loading times, faster saving times, more responsive movement on pan, zoom, move, rotation and section cuts.  Memory optimization makes SpinFire more available on a broad range of PC specs.


Importer Updates – SpinFire 11.7.0 will include support for Inventor 2019 while introducing support for new file formats  Collada , gITF and Wavefront OBJ.

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