Multi-CAD support for manufacturers.

Many manufacturers have a daily need to support the varying model format needs of customers and suppliers — or the enterprise application needs that exist downstream of mechanical design, such as Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE / CFD / FEA) and Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) software.

Enterprise 3D Model Interoperability

Actify’s CAD2CAD Translator resolves this enterprise-wide model interoperability challenge and eliminates the inefficiencies by alternative processes.

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Migrating Legacy Data

When new technology does not support the legacy file format, the manufacturer’s alternative is to use a neutral format to bridge the gap.

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Product Model Archiving

CAD2CAD offers the unique capability that allows manufacturers to ensure digital assets are protected for the long-term and can be made available at the original accuracy for future users.

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3D PDF Publishing

If part of your business requirements is to share model data through intelligent 3D PDF documents to reach beyond your company’s firewall, than CAD2CAD can satisfy those requirements.

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Supported Data Types

With CAD2CAD, your team will benefit from the richness of the data that is translated, including visualization (tessellations), product structure, precise B-rep, Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) as well as attributes, metadata and much more.

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CAD Solutions

CAD Viewer

Gain insight to product data. Design feedback & team collaboration.

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CAD Publishing Automation

Centralize and automate publishing of native CAD files.

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Online CAD Viewer

SpinFire Web is a revolutionary, zero-download, cloud enabled CAD viewer.

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