CAD Publishing Automation

Automated CAD publishing means a user can publish hundreds, or even thousands, of archived files quickly and easily.  Centro CAD publisher automates the entire process, file conversion errors are kept to a minimum. Issues such as misdirected files, incorrectly converted files and overlooked files are no longer a problem.

CAD Publishing

Actify’s Centro CAD publisher provides customers with a high performance CAD publishing platform.  The solution can be set up to allow any combination of manual, on-demand, batch, or automated publishing.

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Centro CAD publisher automates the process of converting CAD files to a neutral file format.  Triggers can be configured to commence a process to convert or distribute updated CAD files.

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CAD Migration

Centro CAD publisher, when integrated with your line-of-business systems, can effectively handle the migration of CAD files, publish to a popular CAD file format, and manage jobs centrally for greater control over your data.

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Archived CAD

Centro CAD publisher can support a broad range of CAD formats.  Publish your archived CAD data into a lightweight, compact and neutral file format to ensure the organization can view and make use of legacy CAD data.

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CAD Solutions

CAD Viewer

Gain insight to product data. Design feedback & team collaboration.

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Multi-CAD Support

Multi-CAD data exchange support for manufacturers.

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Online CAD Viewer

SpinFire Web is a revolutionary, zero-download, cloud enabled CAD viewer.

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