Visualize and analyze large CAD models

SpinFire Ultimate supports fully shattered assemblies, making the handling of large assemblies far easier and more efficient to enhance user experience and optimize time spent performing CAD analysis functions.

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Model Compare

Takes two similar CAD models, analyze, and display the results to highlight what is the same and what is different.  SpinFire Ultimate provides, B-Rep, tessellation and visual model comparisons.

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Draft Angle Analysis (DAA)

SpinFire Ultimate Draft Angle Analysis tool, provides users the ability to easily analyze CAD models for proper draft angles.  Users can select the Draft Angle and set the Upper and Lower tolerance limits.

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Volume of Void

SpinFire Ultimate provides advanced measurement functions to enable users to determine the volume of a 3D void.

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Cross-Section Area, Perimeter & Centroid.

Section Profile provides a means to calculate cross section profile areas, centroids, and perimeter lengths individually or in combination.

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Product Features

CAD Viewer

Gain insight to product data. Design feedback & team collaboration.

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CAD Visualization

Exploded assembly, Section View, Transform by Handles, Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).

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Investigate CAD

Smart Dimensioning, Tube Length, 2D Stamps, Notes & Annotations.

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CAD Solutions

CAD Publishing Automation

Centralize and automate publishing of native CAD files.

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Multi-CAD Support

Multi-CAD data exchange support for manufacturers.

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Online CAD Viewer

SpinFire Web is a revolutionary, zero-download, cloud enabled CAD viewer.

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