SMB manufacturing – 3 predictions for 2018

Manufacturers of all sizes are rapidly changing and adapting to new digital technologies, new competitors, new ecosystems, and new ways of doing business.  We all recognize the need for software systems to manage product information and support our processes. I have 3 simple predictions for manufacturers to think about that could significantly shape their business in 2018.

  Product complexity


Prediction #1: Product Complexity will increase

Manufacturers’ are under continual pressure to sustainably improve quality, throughput, and costs.  Next-gen products will require more collaboration, engineering innovations, and customer accountability.  Therefore, companies who master product complexity will make a greater impact in 2018 and deliver on their promises to customers.


Prediction #2: Enterprise Collaboration will unlock innovation

The development of smart, connected products requires complex, cross-discipline processes and data exchange. Design and engineering disciplines have been siloed for too long. Modern software developments are addressing these issues by connecting functions and enterprise information for improved collaboration. We expect leading companies will implement deeper connections to enterprise systems.  Results will be driven by digital transformation, providing a platform for innovation and competitive advantage.


Prediction #3: Applications with embedded intelligence will speed up execution times

We’re in a transition stage where traditional systems of record and data storage are being replaced by new systems of intelligence. New technologies and capabilities through which we can automate, integrate and enhance data integrity to improve decision making.  Modern software systems that can leverage data coming from new and existing sources will speed execution, using embedded intelligence.


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