Actify Centro™ gains more than 20,000 active users within its first 12-months to market.

Actify Centro™ gains more than 20,000 active users within its first 12-months to market.

February 9th 2017

Actify, Inc. Launches Centro™, an enterprise platform for data management and data discovery. Actify Centro is specifically designed to provide business intelligence and insight to operational questions facing modern manufacturers.

Last Year Actify launched Centro (January 23rd 2016), Today Actify announces a successful first year of customer deployments. This is a significant step forward in Actify’s ongoing transformation to deliver Enterprise grade ‘Product Data Intelligence’ solutions to tier 1 automotive suppliers and SMB discrete manufacturing organisations.

Actify Centro provides a platform for the analysis and visualization of product data allowing Engineers and Management to make smarter, faster decisions that directly impact the bottom line.  Most engineering companies generate significant amounts of product-related data, but do not effectively harness this asset intelligently. At Actify we use big data and business intelligence to make manufacturing companies smarter, by harnessing the product data trapped in all their data sources and providing insight.

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Actify defines its technology as Product Data Intelligence, because today’s business intelligence (bi) solutions do not understand product data or handle the types of files or information that are synonymous with engineering and manufacturing organisations.  Discrete manufacturers data is unique, information assets include 3D models and 2D drawings with information hidden within CAD files such as; dimensions, eBOM, PMI, GD&T.

With the successful introduction of Centro, we have reached a significant milestone in our transition from a CAD viewing company to offer an enterprise platform that extends visibility to data, files and content across the organisation.  Actify is focused on delivering solutions that revolutionizes the way that product data and enterprise information is managed and shared across the organisation and throughout the development life cycle.

Because deployment is measured in days, not months or years, as with more traditional solutions. Customers are reporting significant return on their investment from the deployment of Centro because of the greater insight to their existing data.

Actify, Inc. is an experienced software company delivering purpose built software solutions to the aerospace, automotive, industrial automation, and discrete manufacturing industries.  As a company we have focused our software development activities to enable a new era of enterprise communication and collaboration efficiency.  Our customers have gained operational benefits and competitive advantages by leveraging Actify’s core technologies as a toolbox.  Actify can deliver an enterprise platform for handling disparate, unstructured data and develop a custom interface to display a specific view of your enterprise data. Mash data together from multiple sources, include the perspective of historic or legacy data to deliver rich business insights to help your organization achieve their strategic objectives and overcome your critical business challenge.

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Actify, Inc. is best known for providing product visualization software to the discrete manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. Actify SpinFire is an industry leading CAD viewer which overcomes the challenge of sharing and communicating engineering type documents and CAD files across the extended enterprise or supply chain.  Actify understands product data, from the original designer’s product definition within engineering to disparate product data across a manufacturer’s extended enterprise.  Actify’s core capabilities are dealing with complex engineering documents and mapping data from just about any networked file or system. We specialize in the ability to translate and extract valuable product data and part properties from CAD files or other engineering type documents as though it was just another database.

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How many times has your team invested time, money, and personnel evaluating PLM, PDM or SharePoint applications?  Actify’s enterprise solutions are designed solely for discrete manufacturers, to complement other enterprise applications, enable self-service reporting, plus focused on the key functionality needed for managing disparate product data.
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